NEW! The Most User-Friendly Paint Correction System EVER!

  • No More Paint Swirls & Burns

  • No More Heat

  • Easy to Use

  • Saves Time & Money

  • Very Little Training Needed

  • First-Time Users Get Professional Results

  • Advanced Technology

The new Auto Magic® RISK-FREE Reconditioning System™ is the next generation of paint correction. It’s a new technology paint polishing system that takes the risks out of buffing paint. It will add a professional look to any painted vehicle, with very little training. First-time users achieve professional results, every time! No more paint burns and swirls, no more heat generated by traditional buffers, no more clean-up, and no more re-dos. This is the most user-friendly paint correction system ever!

The System consists of a Risk-Free Compound™, Risk-Free Polish™, and a Risk-Free Final Wax™. They were specifically developed to work with the durable Cyclo® Polisher and high-density Risk-Free Reconditioning System™ Pads. The color of the product & product label match the color of the pads. Talk about easy!

 The Risk-Free products, pads and Cyclo® buffer will ultimately save you time, frustration, and money. Paint reconditioning shouldn’t be RISKY,
so go RISK-FREE today!

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The Next Generation
of Car Care™

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